What we do

SpaceMaker Systems Inc., is a material handling company, based on Oakland New Jersey, that supplies a range of high-density storage solutions to market in the USA. We offer a range of proprietary high-density, storage products with which to automate warehouses and factories.

Our single most successful product to date has been the Pallet Mole. Click here to see video. It is an automated pallet retrieval system used in large warehouses. We distribute Pallet Mole exclusively in the USA through our partner, Frazier Industrial Company. Frazier is the pre-eminent racking supplier in North America and offers turnkey racking solutions to large customers.

In addition to our in-house designed products, we also provide a range of vertical storage carousels, based on Hänel technology, to the automotive industry and 3PL’s.

We save space and we save money for our customers. Please explore our site and discover the full range of products and expertise we have available.

We are proud members of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association of America.



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